Scar needling

27 Dec

Scar needling is a  precise process to target skin marks that were left behind by improper healing of the skin for many different reasons. It is a highly successful process if done by an experienced practitioner like myself. I have been doing needling since 2006 and have improved the skin conditions of countless clients from all over the world. Scars can be caused by acne, illness, improper handling of the skin or even simple aging. Using a traditional tattoo machine at very low intensity the skin is regenerated by breaking up scar tissue. Healing usually takes a week to two and within a couple of month fantastic results are achieved. If needed,  the process of needling can be repeated every 3-6 month for further improvement. Call me for a complimentary consultation and find out how to renew and rejuvenate your skin.  greg-b4greg-done

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